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Meta Picture and Alt Tags

Find out what a meta description, meta picture and alt tag are and why they are so important for your search ranking.

The image that you have as your featured meta image will be the image that displays on your social post when you post using the shortened link through Campaign Warrior. It is important that you update all these images to make sure they are relevant to the page you are posting. All images on your pages need to have an Alt tag also known as “Alt attribute” or “alt description”. Alt tags are the HTML attribute applied to the image. This means the image displays in the search when someone is searching something relevant to your image. This will help your SEO. When you click on the website page in Campaign Warrior you will be able to see the Meta picture attached to that page as well as all the alt tags and images associated with those tags. This allows you to audit your web pages and identify if you have all the appropriate alt tags and meta pictures.