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Want to know about Pricing, Portals and Domains

Find out more about the pricing structure that Camaig Warrior has to offer.

So what is a portal and how does it work? For an advertising agency, it would be a different client. For a real estate agent, a franchise location or an agent. Portals are compelling as they allow you to change between your different clients quickly. Example: An agency might have two clients. ABC Client and 123 Client. They would have two portals that are unique to each business but contained in your one Campaign Warrior subscription. Having multiple portals means you don't have to continually log in and out of the program to manage your clients' content. Portals are a unique competitive advantage for Campaign Warrior and can be added at any time. New Portals are $49 USD per month and added on a pro-rata basis as you add portals. Campaign Warrior provides you with a comprehensive billing report, breaking down all the costs per client.  

So what about multiple Domains? If you have a portal with your business domain, you may wish to add another domain, that is different but relevant. An example might be for a podcast that is a different name. Example: HubSpot has hubspot.com as their main website and inbound.com for their popular global conference. Both are assets to the HubSpot business and would be in the same portal. Domains can be added to your portal for an additional $6.95 USD per month.

Your clients and you will thank us for the in-depth reporting tool campaign warrior has. If you need any support on these features to contact our support team who will be able to help. Tomorrow will be the last email, will talk about ongoing training and support.